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CMKT_Home-graphics (1)FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAMLIVE PERFORMANCE TRACKERSelected time period:01 Jun 2021 - 01 Jul 2021Campaign nameAd set nameAd nameObjectiveProductChannelFormatAudienceCTR / Impressionsby Impresions, Unique Link Clicks, and CTR.Impressions2.79 M128.6%Link Clicks26.4 K33.8%CTR5.66%Jun 21Jul 21Cost Analytics (USD)by Ad Spend, Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Purchase.Ad Spend$94.93 K1.1%Cost per Click$14.1311.4%CPM$7.44Jun 21Jul 21Performance Map - Countryby Unique link clicks.Target City Mapby Unique link clicks.Ad Performanceby Ppl. Taking Action, CPM, and Reach.Ppl. Taking Action54.2 K4.5%CPM$4.4916.2%Reach102.1 KFacebook1,26414.9%Instagram2,82529.8%Platform Performanceby Conversions.Conversions4,08929.3%CPA$26.433.8%1.4%3.2%

We combine human empathy and intelligent data to create effective strategies, powerful and memorable identities, and unique experiences to connect humans to brands and organizations.

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As performance marketing experts and brand strategists, our custom services are designed to achieve every brand’s goals and over-deliver on results.

We are a full-service agency ready to partner up with you in order to reach and exceed your expectations.

Performance Marketing

Data, data, data… Effective solutions born from data and insights. We’re experts in engaging audiences and converting clicks to customers through testing and development of custom tools to better understand your customer’s journey and your sales funnel.

Digital Marketing

A great idea is worthless if it is not used, seen and known by your market. We understand your audience’s problems and pains to target them and drive potential customers to grow revenue through social media platforms. 

Brand Strategy

We create your new and complete brand identity, brand language, corporate colors, logos and collateral, based on your needs and requirements as well as our investigation about your target audience and market. Our proven method and process will deliver a memorable brand for your audience to connect with.

Web Development

Custom design and development of aesthetically beautiful and high-quality websites for corporate, personal and e-commerce. The results are scalable websites that sell, attract and obtain the market and customer’s respect.

SEO Optimization

Improving your visibility in search engines like Google can have a real impact on your business’ bottom line. We love organic growth, slow and steady, based on an audit and great coding, meta-tagging, link building, insightful articles that we write and obviously high-end design.

Audiovisual Production

We understand your needs and goals through our groundwork process to carefully plan your video or photography in order to capture your audience’s eye with exceptional story-telling and alluring visuals. 

- turn a challenge into revenue

Every move must have a reason

We are a data-driven agency, we don’t do things just for the sake of it. We give your brand what it needs, when it needs it. 

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A full-service agency for your global needs

We help companies all over the world achieve their true potential. Distance is not a barrier. You see the potential, it’s our job to get you there.

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